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What have I gotten myself into? :iconsadie626:Sadie626 0 0
Wandering a path of selfish desires
Lost, wandering a barren, dirt road.
This path started lush and green, but it's been days since I've seen plant life or a pond.
Suddenly, before me, a new path appears, beautiful as any garden I've been in before, if not more so.
This path is lined with roses and I soon find myself within the shade of tall trees, towering over my head, shading me from the garish sun, allowing me to see thousands of blue flowers, each more glorious than the last.
Beautiful ivy reaches out to touch me as a gentle breeze caresses my skin.
Dare I leave my path for the promise of lush greenery?
Or will my selfish desires be punished by fate?
:iconsadie626:Sadie626 0 0
Mature content
Vile and Vulnerable :iconsadie626:Sadie626 1 0
Drowning in a Sea of Grief
Lost in a sea of faces
Drowning in faceless voices
I wonder if anyone will find me?
Winding through the crowd of mourners.
Trying to avoid contact with the sea of emotion within me
Brushing off the loss and emptiness all around me,
tendrils of sorrow grasp at my limbs, but I shake them free
How much longer can I keep up this facade?
Will I succumb?
Will I surrender?
Will I prevail?...
Or will I drown in this beautiful grief?
:iconsadie626:Sadie626 0 0
Prick! Goes the scorpion's tail
Punished by fate I am, or so I've been told
For what reason?
Well, there is one
or several
Down at my core, I've always been a frog
and I have been at the beck and call of many a scorpion
Perhaps this is why?
Being fooled by one scorpion is not a sin,
but how black is my record at this point?
It almost seems like they're drawn to me
or perhaps it is I who is drawn to them
Either way the result is the same
Prick! Goes the scorpion's tail.
:iconsadie626:Sadie626 1 0
Apple of my eye: Pathetic and love sick
There he is, the apple of my eye,
He is the most radiant male I have ever had the pleasure to gaze upon.
I cannot help, but stare,
but I do not always warrant his attention.
Perhaps I am too needy
or perhaps I am an addict.
Shaking from withdrawal as I ponder old messages and look through old pictures
Anything to see him
Anything to imagine his touch, his voice, the way he holds me in his arms.
How I  long for him, my desire knows no boundaries.
My soul aching from loneliness and fire, I feel so untouched.
Why am I not worthy of his attention?
Wallowing in my solitude, I am so pathetic
or am I truly love sick?
:iconsadie626:Sadie626 0 0
Mature content
You :iconsadie626:Sadie626 0 0
Ode to you, from your humble spaniel
Its so hard to leave the bed today, to tear myself away from you.
Beautiful creature, how you have become the center of my world.
Your smile warms me to my core, every glance gives me butterflies.
I am enthralled by you, my dear, forever in awe of your beauty.
Your voice makes my heart grow wings and flutter around my chest.
You make my soul swell with joy and soar with ecstasy.
You have the most beautiful eyes, lovely, like warm mahogany.
I love how you hold me and make me feel whole; I am home in the sound of your heartbeat.
I feel both vulnerable and indomitable when I am within your embrace; for I know no one can harm me any longer, but you've no idea how easily you could annihilate me.
A simple phrase can make my soul quiver with insecurity or make my very being glow with the brilliant radiance of overwhelming joy.
A simple glance can fill me to the brim with happiness, the likes of which I haven't felt in years, or it can bring me to question my usefulness.
Please, allow me to re
:iconsadie626:Sadie626 1 0
Dance with me?
Dance to the beat of two pounding hearts.
So much like the beating of a drum.
Drumming noise
Oh, how I am I overwhelmed by this desire, this longing.
Drowning in affection yet always demanding more.
Yearning for attention.
There is no cure for my rapacious, fiery nature.
Forever the incorrigible nymph
Please, come dance with me?
:iconsadie626:Sadie626 1 0
You're as lovely as a song
Your handsome face makes my heart soar like the overture to my favorite opera.
Your smile is the most beautiful symphony I've ever heard.
Your body the most glorious of music.
Your voice is more heavenly than a choir of angels.
How each note rolls from your every gesture, every movement an addition to the masterpiece that you are.
Oh, how I love to bask in the glory of your beauty as you envelop my mind in melody.
Magnificent creature, I pray the tune you've got stuck in my head never fades away.
:iconsadie626:Sadie626 1 0
Mature content
Making Love with Music :iconsadie626:Sadie626 0 0
Gratitude and Awe
Your eyes are so beautiful, like milk chocolate and honey, swirled with dark chocolate; or more like golden sunshine flowing over a rich mahogany surface, while pieces of the night sky dance above the overwhelming radiance.
Your face is so lovely, like chiseled marble. Your jawline is so striking, I love to trace my fingertips along it. Your smile is entrancing, so charming, so enticing; I can barely resist the desire to kiss you deeply, over and over. Delicious, your lips are like luscious fruit, so delectable, soft, and lush.
Your body is so warm, so comforting. How broad your shoulders, like a wall of opulence and peace. When your strong arms encircle me, I feel safe, secure. Your embrace is more a home to me than the house I sleep in. Its been a long time since I've really felt home.
Your very being is resplendent and moves me to awe. How I love to bask in the glow of your glorious soul, as your radiant light fills me to my core. You never cease to amaze me and I have not the words
:iconsadie626:Sadie626 1 0
Mature content
Firey Embrace :iconsadie626:Sadie626 0 0
Mature content
Bashful for the sake of bashfulness :iconsadie626:Sadie626 0 0
Mature content
Brutalized by Flesh and Bone :iconsadie626:Sadie626 0 0
Mature content
What is wrong with you?! :iconsadie626:Sadie626 0 0


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Hey! So, finally going to upload poetry that has been on my phone for well over a year now. (Well, some of it has anyway, but some is more recent.)


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